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"A moving love letter to hard-scrabble North Dublin"

The New York Times

“Resonant, vivid and beautifully shot… pregnant with images and ideas… a film made with real artistry”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian. 


“Truly breathtaking. This film is wonderful... Highly recommended, North Circular is a must."

Steve Kopian, Unseen Film


"Strikingly perceptive..uncannily intelligent...a wonderfully transportive experience." 

Calan Panchoo, Film Threat


"An original and at times disarming approach to bearing witness." 

Ben Kenigsberg, New York Times


"Geographically and emotionally evocative, just gorgeous to see."

Roger Moore, Movie Nation

“Remarkable, beautiful and seductive, offers a sense of place and humanity found nowhere else”

Matías Bombal’s Hollywood



Michael Gray, Irish Echo


“I absolutely loved it, beautifully cinematic.”

Gabriel Byrne (Hereditary/The Usual Suspects)


"Cinematic poetry" 

Richard Ades, Reel Time


"A rich and fertile film, which is wholly cinematic”

Mark Cousins (The Story Of Film)

"Insightful, exquisite...beautifully observed and evocative.”
John Maguire, Business Post

“A fascinating psychogeography... captivating, positively operatic ”
Donald Clarke, Irish Times


“A glorious documentary... brilliant... told with beautiful photography and glorious music... I love this film! A gorgeous, beautiful, important story... a glorious trip!”
John Fardy, Newstalk


“A time-capsule charmer...beguiling...If ever a film was a rallying cry against isolation, it's this one."
Harry Guerin, RTÉ


“Beautiful, elegant”
Ryan Tubridy, RTÉ


“Artful... evocative... fascinating”
Chris Wasser, Sunday Independent



Paul Whittington, The Independent

"Conjures ghosts & memories... articulate, sombre, Rembrandtesque"
David Katz, CineEuropa


"Beautiful, visually and sonically striking...A heartfelt love letter to Dublin."
Leo Barraclough, Variety


“A film full of astonishing imagery...a remarkable contemporary document of places, people, lives and times”
Luke Maxwell, Dublin Inquirer


“North Circular truly is a special love letter to the areas found along the road - the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly... beautiful depiction of a complex area of Dublin... brilliant...”
Eoin Harrington,


“A kaleidoscopic array of moods...Highly recommended.”
Lane Shipsey, Scannáin.


“Warm and engaging...equal parts sensitive and celebratory, the film’s 85 minutes flies by

in a comprehensive view of a variety of lives”
Luke Dunne, Film In Dublin


“Absolutely gorgeous... beautiful film”
Gemma Creagh, Film Ireland


“Moving, poetic, visceral, thoughtful and funny in equal parts”
Film Network Ireland


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